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Worldwide Postal Charges: (shown in £GBP)
Post is charged as follows: orders up to £6= 1.50p, orders up to £11 = £2.50, orders up to £23 = £3.50,
orders up to £40 = £4.50, Orders over £40 = £8.50.

Postage is charged the same for everybody. No additional postage is added for overseas customers
Beginner Sculpting Set | Price: £8.50 GBP

2 x Sculpting tools
6" Greenstuff professional putty
4 x 28mm puppets + bases

Professional Sculpting Set | Price: £23.00 GBP

6 x assorted Sculpting tools and probes
12" Greenstuff professional putty
8 x 28mm puppets + bases

Double Tool set| Price:£4.00

pair of sculpting tools Ideal for any kind of miniature sculpting

Double Tool set - Probes| Price:£4.00

pair of sharp-point sculpting tools Ideal for fine details like faces and chainmail

GreenStuff | Price:£3.00

The industry standard for all types of miniature sculpting.

(6" of Epoxy putty)

Milliput - Standard grey | Price:£3.00

Excellent for larger objects or where stone-hard finish is required.

Milliput is cheap and good for terrain projects.

Working with milliput is like working with clay.

eBob 28mm Puppets x5 | Price:£4.00

(Quantity 5)

Designed to be used by both modellers and other sculptors.

Permission is granted to cast final sculpts for commercial purposes!

End-cutters| Price:£3.50

for snipping white metal and performing minor operations on your miniatures.

Sharp-nosed pliers| Price:£3.50

Ideal for filddy jobs or
positioning your Ebob puppets

Brass handle knife| Price:£6.00

A handy size and durable brass handle supplied with 5 blades

Knife blades x 10| Price:£2.50

Blades fit the brass handle knife

Razor-saw blade| Price:£5.50

1.25 inch depth blade (5 inches length) can be used without handle.

Razor-saw kit| Price:£9.50

thin blade saws - ideal for converting metal miniatures -
or anything else you need to saw in half. Kit comes with a 1.25" blade and a 3/4 inch blade.

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