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Welcome to the Nam

RECON28 is a range of 28mm Vietnam miniatures and gaming rules.

The rules are designed primarily to play fast, small scale skirmish firefights. The US figures measure 28mm from floor to eye while Vietnamese figures are shorter, 25mm from floor to eye. All miniatures are high quality white metal castings with integral bases.

All figures are sculpted by eBob. Some of the weapons are sculpted by Tony Bousted and used with kind permission (thanks Tony).

First releases will include SASR (Australian SAS), US LRRP (Long Range Recon), and VietCong.

Coming soon

New green - Australian SASR

New green - Australian SASR

More painted images posted in gallery

First images of painted models

First images of test castings from the master mould

metal castings LRRPsmetal castings VCmetal castings VC

Premium Quality Palm trees and other foliage

Premium quality palm treesPalm Trees and Bhudda statueModel Palm Trees and other foliage

Miniatures are not yet available.
Release date will be announced soon.


28mm Miniatures
Scenery /Trees
Modelling supplies

RECON28 wargaming Rules
Recon28 28mm Wargame Rules
Recon28 is a squad level rule set designed for gaming Vietnam skirmish scenarios in 28mm scale.

New Viet Cong greens
Images of two new greens depicting Australian SASR are now added to the gallery

Work is also progressing on the RECON28 rules. The rules will be distributed as a Windows application, a bit like a Help file, allowing you to navigate quickly to each section of the rules. You'll still be able to print the rules out for reference. Recon28 will aim to be a fast set of rules enabling play to move quickly with rules that are easy to learn and remember, reducing the need to constantly refer back to the rules during play.

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