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All Ebob Miniatures are true 28mm, cast in white metal and are supplied unpainted with plastic slotted bases. Some figures may require assembly.
Ebob miniatures contain small parts and traces of lead, and are therefore not suitable for children.

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Standard Postal Charges: (shown in £GBP) - Postage may vary for large or overseas orders *
Post is charged as follows: orders up to £6= 1.50p, orders up to £12 = £2.50, orders up to £23 = £3.50, orders up to £40 = £4.50, Orders over £40 = £8.50.
*Please note that very large or very heavy orders, especially overseas may require additional postage costs to be added, in this event I will contact you with the postage costs before completing the order.

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Beginner Sculpting Set
Price: £8.50 GBP

2 x Sculpting tools
6" Greenstuff professional putty
4 x 28mm puppets

Professional Sculpting Set
Price: £23 GBP

6 x assorted Sculpting tools and probes
12" Greenstuff professional putty
8 x 28mm puppets

Double Tool set

pair of sculpting tools
Ideal for any kind of miniature sculpting
Price £3.00

The industry standard for all
types of miniature sculpting
(6" of Epoxy putty)
Milliput - Standard grey
Price £3.00

Excellent for larger objects
or where stone-hard finish
is required

Milliput is cheap and good
for terrain projects.

Working with milliput is
like working with clay.

Double Tool set - Probes

pair of Sharp-point sculpting tools
Ideal for fine details like faces and chainmail
eBob 28mm Puppets x5
Price £4.00
(Quantity 5)

designed to be used by both
modellers and other sculptors.
Permission is granted to
cast final sculpts for
commercial purposes!


28mm Skeleton armatures x4
(Quantity 4)

For commercial purposes
no part of the armature may
form part of the final miniature
without licence.

For commercial reproduction,
the armature may not be
used for any kind of undead
without commercial licence.

A commercial licence is
available for this product.

eBob 28mm dwarf and halfling Puppets x5
Price £4.00
(Quantity 5)

designed to be used by both
modellers and other sculptors.
Permission is granted to
cast final sculpts for
commercial purposes

Please check availability before purchase as I dont carry a huge stock of these.

Choose from Hobbits or Dwarves from the buttons below.


End-cutters (755-15)

for snipping white metal
and performing minor operations
on your miniatures.

Sharp-nosed pliers (755-18)

Ideal for filddy jobs or
positioning your Ebob puppets
Brass handle knife (785-11)

a handy size and
durable brass handle
supplied with 5 blades

Knife blades x 10 (785-12)


Blades fit the brass handle knife
Razor-saw blade (735-47)

1.25 inch depth blade (5 inches length) can be used without handle.
Razor-saw kit (735-44)

thin blade saws - ideal for converting metal miniatures - or anything else you need to saw in half. Kit comes with a 1.25" blade and a 3/4 inch blade.

Excess Postal Charge for Overseas
Please be aware that while the standard postal charge will apply in most cases including overseas post - very large or heavy post may be subject to an excess postal charge. If the cost of posting your order greatly exceeds the standard charge you will be informed before your order is dispatched and you will be asked if you wish to pay the excess post and proceed with your order.

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