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All Ebob Miniatures are true 28mm, cast in white metal and are supplied unpainted with plastic slotted bases. Some figures may require assembly.
Ebob miniatures contain small parts and traces of lead, and are therefore not suitable for children.

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Rebellion is a range of 28mm figures and rules for gaming the Anglo-Scottish wars,
set in the late 13th and early 14th Century.

Edward I of England dominated Scotland in the late 13th century and almost succeeded taking
Scotland by force, but was repelled by the uprising led by William Wallace and Sir Andrew Moray,
and later by the newly crowned King Robert the Bruce of Scotland.

Find out more about this facinating period of history and download the rules from the Forum.

Click the thumbnails to view larger images.

Heroes set #1
includes 6 miniatures
(3 cavalry and 3 foot)

Price: £21.00
Special deal price,
saving £4.00!

Wallace of Ellerslie

Special Price:£3.00

Wallace is credited with starting the first organised rebellion against the English occupation in 1297. His early years mirror the story of Robin Hood - and it is highly likely that he is the original inspiration for the tale of his fictional counterpart.

William Wallace
Brigand Leader

'Shadow Warrior'
Mounted version of Wallace
as Brigand Leader

Price: £6.00

William Wallace earned the
respect of his countrymen
and got the attention
Longshanks with his
successful hit and run tactics.

William Wallace
Brigand Leader

foot version of Wallace
as Brigand Leader

Price: £3.50

William Wallace led numerous
assaults on English Garrisons
and even mounted raids across
the border into England itself.

Rebellion Rule book now available. 108 page hardback or paperback full colour printed book. Click here.

Sir William Wallace
Guardian of Scotland

2 miniatures
Mounted and dismounted
includes 30mm and 40mm bases

Price: £8.00

William Wallace was knighted by Robert the Bruce and proclaimed Guardian of Scotland and leader of it's armies.

Robert the Bruce
King of Scots

2 miniatures
Mounted and dismounted
includes 30mm and 50mm bases

Price: £8.00

Robert the Bruce led the Scots onto the field at Bannockburn where the Scots finally won their freedom.

Scottish Knight
Price: £2.00

1 miniature with
chainmail and padded armour
and shield

Rebellion Rule book now available. 108 page full colour PDF ideal for ipod/ipad. Click here.

Scots Clansmen
Price: £12.00

3 x broad sword
3 x axe
3 x two-handed sword

(9 miniatures total)

Blister includes 6 stakes
and a weapon sprue.

Scottish Pike

16 miniatures with integral metal bases and supplied with 100mm hard wire pikes.

Set includes 15 pikemen and 1 sergeant at arms.
5 miniatures have shields.

Scottish Pike

Wire pikes supplied are 100mm in length, however the Scottish pikemen employed a 6ft long pike, so for 13th Century Scottish pike the pikes should be cut down to 60mm.

Plastic bases are not supplied - these miniatures have integral metal bases.

King Edward I (Longshanks)
the Hammer of the Scots

2 miniatures
Mounted and dismounted
includes 30mm and 50mm bases

Price: £9.00

Edward I, King of England known as 'the Hammer of the Scots' because of his obsession with defeating the Scots.

Henry de Bohun
English knight

1 miniature
includes 30mm base

Price: £3.00

Henry de Bohun was killed at Bannockburn by Robert the Bruce.

Henry de Bohun
English knight (mounted)

1 miniature
includes 40mm base

Miniature requires assembly

Price: £6.00

Henry de Bohun was killed at Bannockburn by Robert the Bruce.

English Knight

Price: £2.00

sword, axe and shield options.

English foot
Price: £12.00

5 x sword
1 x two-handed axe
3 x Halberd
1 flag pole supplied as option

(9 miniatures total)

Pack includes 5 shields

5 x English (Welsh) Longbowmen unit
FIVE assorted miniatures
from the same range of poses as the integral based versions.

English (Welsh) Longbowmen


16 miniatures
with longbows

These figures have integral bases

Plastic bases not supplied

out of stock

English Heavy Cavalry
4 cavalry miniatures
with lance and shield
English Knights
3 cavalry miniatures
with helmet sprue,
weapon options
lance and shield options

Princess of Wales
(Isabell of France)
Price: £3.00

Isabell was married to Edward Prince of Wales (Edward II of England)

out of stock

Unavailable, new mould required

'Lady Greensleves'

handmaid to the Princess

28mm Medieval Buildings available

Excess Postal Charge for Overseas
Please be aware that while the standard postal charge will apply in most cases including overseas post - very large or heavy post may be subject to an excess postal charge. If the cost of posting your order greatly exceeds the standard charge you will be informed before your order is dispatched and you will be asked if you wish to pay the excess post and proceed with your order.

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